Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency

Allison tried to get Bryan to watch and cover the 4th season of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency with her for the podcast, but Bryan kinda refused. He couldn’t even fake caring for the show. Allison started out strong but eventually Bryan got to her and they just stopped talking about it. This show, more than any others, proved why covering non-competition reality shows can be tough, and one of the reasons the podcast doesn’t feature them very often.

Episode 7 : Longest Episode EVER! (Aug 28th 2008)
In this episode Allison and Bryan cover Project Runway, Exiled, Big Brother 10 USA (with Big Brother Mike), Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency and I Love Money. We even take the time to answer some listener mail. It should be noted that we tried to cram a lot into this show and it ended up long… also we were drinking white wine sangria, and I think it went to Bryan’s head.

Episode 10 : the Tired Episode (Sept 7th 2008)
In honor of one month of podcasting, Allison and Bryan do a podcast while being quite tired. We cover Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Big Brother 10 USA and the Principal’s Office. Also there’s an uncontrollable giggle fit that happens, make sure to listen for that. We answer some listener mail and then put this episode to bed, much like we wanted to do for ourselves.

Episode 12 : Us vs. Perez (Sept 14th 2008)
It’s Episode Twelve! We discuss Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Big Brother 10 USA & Project Runway. We then talk about a new show in our line up: Kitchen Nightmares! After that we finish off with the ever popular the Principal’s Office. It’s great fun!

Episode 13 : So Long Big Brother Mike! (Sept 18th 2008)
It’s our tribute to Big Brother Mike, as well as Dan, the winner of Big Brother 10 USA, way to go guys! We also cover Exiled, I Love Money, Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency and Feasting On Waves. There was actually some listener e-mail to answer! Yay! This episode gets a little long, but we’re sure you’ll like it, it has everything! Allison! Bryan! Big Brother Mike! It couldn’t be better!


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