Principal’s Office

The Principal’s Office on TruTV was more of a documentary series focusing on the principal’s of various high schools. It was quirky and fun and Allison and Bryan loved it. At first they tried to cover it in depth, but after awhile found that just talking about a few favorite moments from each episode was more fun for them and (they assume) the listener.

Episode 9 : Squeaky Squeaky (Sept 4th 2008)
In our long over due episode (sorry loyal listeners) we talk about the train wreck that is Exiled, spend some time on Big Brother 10 USA with Big Brother Mike and check in with our new favorite show the Principal’s Office. We also work in some time to talk about Long Way Down, I Love Money and Project Runway. We also talk a bit about our former school days and Allison talks about a childhood toy. It’s good times!

Episode 10 : the Tired Episode (Sept 7th 2008)
In honor of one month of podcasting, Allison and Bryan do a podcast while being quite tired. We cover Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency, Big Brother 10 USA and the Principal’s Office. Also there’s an uncontrollable giggle fit that happens, make sure to listen for that. We answer some listener mail and then put this episode to bed, much like we wanted to do for ourselves.

Episode 12 : Us vs. Perez (Sept 14th 2008)
It’s Episode Twelve! We discuss Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency, Big Brother 10 USA & Project Runway. We then talk about a new show in our line up: Kitchen Nightmares! After that we finish off with the ever popular the Principal’s Office. It’s great fun!


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