I Love Money 1

This was the first season of VH1’s “hey let’s put all of our dating reality show stars into a more traditional contest reality show” show. It was silly, a little trashy, but made for fun television. The season had already been airing for a while before Allison and Bryan started to cover it, but they’ll get you all caught up and carry you to the finale!

Episode 1 (Aug 7th 2008)
In our first episode we recap the last few weeks of Big Brother 10 and discuss our visit to a Big Brother Live Eviction taping. We also talk about this weeks episodes of The Two Coreys and I Love Money. Also included the first installment of our “Allison Loves Game Shows” segment.

Episode 3
In this episode we catch up with the Two Coreys, Big Brother 10 (with Big Brother Mike) and I Love Money. We answer a few emails and Allison has a surprize for everyone at the end.

Episode 5 : the Voo Doo That You Do (Aug 21st 2008)
More excellent reality show podcasting excitement! We cover the possible season finale of the Two Coreys, hit up some more Big Brother 10 (US edition) and laugh at the awesome craziness of I Love Money. It just may be our best episode ever!

Episode 7 : Longest Episode EVER! (Aug 28th 2008)
In this episode Allison and Bryan cover Project Runway, Exiled, Big Brother 10 USA (with Big Brother Mike), Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency and I Love Money. We even take the time to answer some listener mail. It should be noted that we tried to cram a lot into this show and it ended up long… also we were drinking white wine sangria, and I think it went to Bryan’s head.

Episode 9 : Squeaky Squeaky (Sept 4th 2008)
In our long over due episode (sorry loyal listeners) we talk about the train wreck that is Exiled, spend some time on Big Brother 10 USA with Big Brother Mike and check in with our new favorite show the Principal’s Office. We also work in some time to talk about Long Way Down, I Love Money and Project Runway. We also talk a bit about our former school days and Allison talks about a childhood toy. It’s good times!

Episode 13 : So Long Big Brother Mike! (Sept 18th 2008)
It’s our tribute to Big Brother Mike, as well as Dan, the winner of Big Brother 10 USA, way to go guys! We also cover Exiled, I Love Money, Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency and Feasting On Waves. There was actually some listener e-mail to answer! Yay! This episode gets a little long, but we’re sure you’ll like it, it has everything! Allison! Bryan! Big Brother Mike! It couldn’t be better!

Episode 14 : And We’re Back! (Sept 30th 2008)
Beyond the control of Allison and Bryan the show was suspended. The desire was there, but the technology wasn’t. But they’re back now! Hurray! And they’re here to discuss an episode of Exiled, I Love Money and Feasting on Waves. Then, just to make it up to you, 3 episodes of Kitchen Nightmares! I know! It’s pretty awesome. Additionally the part of Bryan is now being played by a duck.

Episode 16 : We Can Drive! (Oct 9th 2008)
Allison and Bryan talk about the finales of both I Love Money and Feasting on Waves. Then they go onto discuss 2 episodes of Exiled and an episode each of Wife Swap and Super Nanny. We’ll apologize for the length in advance, but with 2 finales, there’s just so much to talk about! Other things you need to know: You can now find us at NotMakeFriends.com!


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