Episode 28 : Honey (Jan 12th, 2009)
We’re back baby! That’s right, and we’re catching up by discussing the finale and reunion show episodes of Rock of Love Charm School. We then talk about the premier of Rock of Love Bus for as long as we possible can. After that it’s on to one of our favorites, Top Chef. Really, it feels so good to talk again!

Episode 29 : Technical Difficulties (Jan 23rd, 2009)
We won’t lie, we know this episode is late. We know we’re an episode behind on a few shows. We explain why as well as talk about Top Chef, Rock of Love Bus, Solitary 3.0 as well as a round up of 4 episodes of the Principal’s Office. The silliness really kicked into high gear on this one, you’ve been warned.

Episode 30 : Your Mom Loves It (Jan 27th, 2009)
We’re trying to catch up and we have for you an episode talking about the latest episode of Top Chef New York, the last 2 episodes of Rock of Love Bus, an episode of the Principal’s Office and the latest Solitary 3.0. It gets a little silly during our first segment, but we pull it together after than and give you what we think is the best episode to date.

Episode 31 : Bad Notes (Feb 5th, 2009)
Allison is ready to talk about reality television again and once again Bryan brings over his bad notes. Together they manage to get through talking about Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen. Things get better once they talk about Solitary 3.0 as Allison took those notes. Also, there’s a bonus for our listeners, we have an interview with Jennifer (also known as number 1) from Solitary 3.0! Get excited! Then things are wrapped up with a look at the Principal’s Office.

Episode 32 : Solitary Interview Special (Feb 10th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan get the extreme pleasure of talking to Andrew J. Golder and Lincoln D. Hiatt the creators and executive producers of the Fox Reality Channel show Solitary. We talk about the creation of the show as well as each of our favorite moments.

Episode 33 : Rocco & Bobby (Feb 12th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan get a bit too silly, and this episode gets a bit too long, but it’s all in good fun. We talk about Solitary 3.0, Top Chef & Rock of Love Bus. Allison tells Bryan all about Hell’s Kitchen and we talk about our favorite moments from the Principal’s Office.

Episode 34 : It’s What’s for Dinner (Feb 18th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan are back at it again talking about Solitary 3.0, Top Chef New York, Rock of Love Bus and new to the line up Amazing Race 14. We also talk about an upcoming contest and we get an interview with Maureen AKA number 5 from Solitary 3.0.

Episode 35 : Awesome Jinx (Feb 26th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan wrap up the finale of Top Chef : New York as well as the latest episodes of Solitary 3.0, Amazing Race 14 and Hell’s Kitchen. We answer a lot of listener e-mail as well as announce our Solitary 3.0 contest.

Episode 36 : People Who Eat Basil Are Lame (Mar 5th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan are back to tell you all about Solitary 3.0, as well as an interview with Solitary 3.0 contestant #8. They’ll also cover Amazing Race 14 and Rock of Love Bus. So get ready suckas, it’s the greatest reality show podcast of all time, and it’s here for you!

Episode 37 : Where do You Belong? (Mar 15th, 2009)
Well here we are, a few days late, but heck, it’s a killer show for you all! We talk about the Top Chef New York Reunion show real quickly before diving into the finale of Solitary 3.0! After that we start to talk about Rock of Love Bus but are quickly sidetracked into stories from Allison’s childhood. We get back on track (eventually) and talk about the latest episode of Amazing Race 14. Allison then catches us up on 2 episode’s of Hell’s Kitchen before we draw the winners of our Solitary 3.0 contest (congrats to Amanda and Eric). All in all, it’s an entertaining show featuring your 2 favorite reality show podcasters.

Episode 38 : Solitary 3.0 Finalist Interview Special (Mar 17th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan get the pleasure to talk to everyone’s favorite Solitary 3.0 guest RobRob and find out what it is like for a superfan to take on VAL. Not only that, but they also talk to the winner of Solitary 3.0 Andrew AKA #7 about his experience and what it is like to win.

Episode 39 : Double Stuf (Mar 26th, 2009)
It’s time to play catch up with Allison and Bryan. They are here to deliver to you, their commentaries on 2 episodes each of Rock of Love Bus, the Amazing Race 14 and Hell’s Kitchen. Fair warning up front, due to covering 6 episodes, this is a rather long episode, but I’m sure you’ll agree, it is worth your time.

Episode 40 : Turn Up the Power All Night (Apr 3rd, 2009)
We have an awesome episode for you today. First we hit you with some news from the world of reality television, then we get right into talking about the latest episodes of Amazing Race 14 and Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a fun episode and even more important it is also a short one! Also, Bryan has a special surprise for Allison at the end of the show.

Episode 41 : What’s Your Favorite? (Apr 10th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan are ready to talk to you the dear listener. About what? Well the latest episodes of Rock of Love Bus and Hell’s Kitchen. Anything else? Well, there’s some news, but here’s the kicker; they also talk about their favorite reality shows of all time! It really is something to hear!

Episode 42 : Skanks, the Universe & Everything (Apr 18th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan bid a fond farewell to Rock of Love Bus. After several weeks of craziness (and several minutes of Allison talking about genetically modified vegetables) the finale has arrived, and you’ll never guess how it ends… oh wait, that’s right, it was obvious all along. Then our hosts catch up with the latest episode of Amazing Race 14 and are only a week behind on their Hell’s Kitchen coverage. And just wait until you hear the awesome voice mail… your mind will be blown!

Episode 43 : You Hot Bitch (Apr 26th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan, against their better judgment, decide that they should cover the Rock of Love Bus Reunion show. While not much went on, it gave Allison a chance to dust off her Ashley impression. Amazing Race 14 is covered in all its dramatic detail this week, and we’re down to 5 chefs on Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a pretty fun episode, with some pretty awesome listener mail.

Episode 44 : Allison Goes Solo (May 1st, 2009)
Bryan had his chance and now it’s Allison’s turn. She may have been wrong in guessing the episode number but other than that…not too shabby for her first solocast. In this episode, she talks about The Amazing Race 14, Hell’s Kitchen and talks about non-competition reality shows.

Episode 45 : Rockin’ the Skinny Tie (May 9th, 2009)
Allison is once again joined by Bryan to review episodes of Amazing Race 14 and Hell’s Kitchen. We have a bit of Reality Show News concerning Daisy of Love and Top Chef Masters at the start. Also stay tuned to the end for some interesting voice mails. It really is in your best interest to listen to this one!

Episode 46 : Called Down to the Carpet (May 17th, 2009)
Back for another episode of awesomeness. First off Allison has some strong words for a certain reality television network, and then it is “Skanks Ahoy!” with the return of Charm School! We discuss the finale of the Amazing Race 14 and talk about part one of the Hell’s Kitchen finale. After all that we have some awesome e-mail and voice messages from our number one fan Patrick!

Episode 47 : Stay Classy (May 23rd, 2009)
Allison and Bryan sit down once again and take time out of their precious little lives to let you know what’s going on in the world of Reality Television. They kick it all off with a little bit of news from the reality show world before diving into discussing the latest Charm School with Ricki Lake. The Hell’s Kitchen finale is also covered, and it’s about time too! We also hear once again from our number one fan, yay!

Episode 48 : Charming Bryan (Jun 7th, 2009)
It’s that time again when Bryan gets a shot at doing the show all by himself. Allison is away enjoying some vacation time so Bryan got some friends of his to help him cover some of the latest reality. Bryan solos it to discus episode 3 of Charm School, then talks to Tim (formally of the Horror Junk podcast) a bit about Charm School as well as Daisy of Love and a whole host of other VH1 reality programming. Our number one fan Patrick helps Bryan talk about Charm School episode 4 as well as the BBC America series Don’t Tell the Bride. Tim visits again to talk about his love of Real World, Road Rules and Real World/Road Rules Challenge : the Duel II. (And before you all write in, Bryan mistakenly refers to Real World : San Fransico as the 2nd Season, it was the 3rd) Then things come full circle and they talk about Charm School some more. That’s right kids, it’s a boys club, so watch out for some salty language.

Episode 49 : Can We Sell Out Yet? (Jun 13th, 2009)
Allison returns! And she’s ready to talk along with Bryan about Charm School! There’s a lot to talk about, not all of it is about the show either but that never stopped this podcast from having a good time. We also add 2 new shows to our line up, Top Chef Masters and Next Food Network Star. Also Allison announces a contest to come up with a name for her reality show about killing hobos.

Episode 50 : Golden (Jun 22nd, 2009)
Allison and Bryan get started with some reality show news and then slide into the show proper by talking about Top Chef Masters and what a masterful show it is. They follow it up by discussing the latest episode of Charm School and why they found it disappointing. Finally they take the time to talk about the second episode of Next Food Network Star.

Episode 51 : Now We’re Cookin’ (Jun 30th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan bring you a show chock full of reality cooking show reviews! Not only are they discussing last week’s Top Chef Masters, but they’re also covering last week’s Next Food Network Star. As always, this podcast is cooking with gas!

Episode 52 : Pick Up (Jul 10th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan finally get around to doing a new episode and this was is bursting at the seems with goodness! After a bit of reality TV news they delve right into discussing the latest 2 episodes of Charm School. Continuing the trend, they also cover the latest 2 episodes of Next Food Network Star. Finally they discus the latest episode of Top Chef Masters. For some reason, through out the podcast Bryan is asking for reality show contestants to give the show a call. Oh how awesome that would be! They then wrap everything up with a listener voice mail who dares to enter Allison’s “Name My Hobo Killing Reality Show” contest.

Episode 53 : Big Brother is Back (Jul 11th, 2009)
Not only is Big Brother back, but so is Big Brother Mike! Listen as he, Allison and Bryan talk about the first episode of Big Brother 11 USA and what they think of the cliques, the twists and the new house guests.

Episode 54 : In the Studio (Jul 17th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan are back and ready to talk about some reality show craziness. They cover some Charm School followed by Next Food Network Star before finishing with some Top Chef Masters action. Be sure to listen up as Allison uses her eagle eye to find various unmarked famous people in the crowds of some of these shows!

Episode 55 : Big Brother 11 Week 1 (What a week it was!) (Jul 18th, 2009)
Allison is back to talk to Big Brother Mike about all the happenings in the Big Brother house from the first nominations to the first eviction. All 3 episodes! It has been a crazy week in the house so sit back and relax because this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Episode 56 : Big Brother 11 : Week 2’s Nominations and POV (Jul 22nd, 2009)
Allison and Big Brother Mike are all about bringing you the happenings of the Big Brother house, as well as critiquing the actions of the house guests.

Episode 57 : Cooking with Charm (Jul 25th, 2009)
Allison & Bryan have things to tell you. Things to tell you about reality cooking shows. Specifically, things about the double dose premier of Hell’s Kitchen, the latest Next Food Network Star and finding out who the 6th finalist is on Top Chef Masters. Just for fun, they also squeeze in some coverage of the Charm School with Ricki Lake clip show.

Episode 58 : Big Brother 11 Week 2 : Eliminations (Jul 25th, 2009)
Allison, Big Brother Mike and Bryan talk about this week’s elimination, why Bryan always yells “Ron-nay!” and who are their favorite Big Brother house guests of all time.

Episode 59 : Big Brother 11 Week 3 (Aug 2nd, 2009)
Allison, Big Brother Mike and Bryan too, take you on an exciting adventure to Big Brother Land! Or rather, they talk about week 3 of Big Brother 11. Yep, the whole week! From the luxury competition, to the nominations, to the veto competition and finally to the elimination. We got it all, right here for you!

Episode 60 : Wish Fish (Aug 3rd, 2009)
Allison and Bryan are certainly not slackers when it comes to reality television! This week they’re hitting you with some Hell’s Kitchen action. To say this episode wasn’t highly anticipated would be a lie! They move on the the Charm School finale and the latest episode of Top Chef Masters. Before they end the show they even chat about Next Food Network Star. This episode also features voice messages from fans, including a message that’s unexpected and awesome!

Episode 61 : Big Brother 11 Week 4 : Nominations & Veto (Aug 5th, 2009)
Big Brother Mike and Allison are back to talk about the first 2 episodes of Big Brother this week. (Bryan was there too, for a bit, before he had to go and attend to dinner, try and figure out when he leaves, it’s a fun game!) As usual, they talk about game and strategy and then Big Brother Mike fills them in on some behind the scenes information.

Episode 62 : Big Brother Week 4 : Eviction (Aug 9th, 2009)
Big Brother Mike, Allison and Bryan all sit down to talk about who was evicted on this week’s Big Brother 11 USA. They also cover all the fighting that’s been going on as well!

Episode 63 : Big Brother Interview Special : Michelle from Big Brother 10 (Aug 10th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan get some time to talk to Michelle Costa from Big Brother 10 about what she’s up to now, her friendship with Jesse, how she thinks he’s doing in the house and about the upcoming Reality TV Convention in Nashville. Michelle was absolutely hilarious and fun to talk to, this will be a pleasure for any of you Big Brother fans to listen to!

Episode 64 : Big Brother 11 Week 5 : Nominations & Veto (Aug 13th, 2009)
Big Brother Mike, Allison and a surprisingly vocal Bryan tackle the first 2 episodes of week 5 of Big Brother 11. They discuss the nominations and the cluck-a-rrific veto competition.

Episode 65 : Househusbands of Hollywood Interview Special (Aug 14th, 2009)
For the first time on the podcast, our very own writer, Danielle, takes some time to talk to the stars of Househusbands of Hollywood. The show will begin airing Saturday August 15th on the Fox Reality Channel, so check it out, we certainly will be.

Episode 66 : Big Brother 11 Week 5 : Eviction (Aug 16th, 2009)
After a rousing intro song by our number one fan Patrick, Big Brother Mike, Allison and Bryan get down to business talking about this week’s eviction episode. Boy did this one have it all! It certainly was a roller coaster ride of an hour! Strap in and relive it all again with us. In a prescient move, at the end of this episode Allison remarks about watching next week’s craziness, not a few hours before we all got news of the actual in house craziness!

Episode 67 : In the Knife (Aug 18th, 2009)
It’s about time that Allison and Bryan return to doing their regularly scheduled show! They kick it off with some Reality Show News before diving into 2 weeks worth of Hell’s Kitchen. Next up is talking about 2 episodes of Top Chef Masters. We’ll straight up apologize right now for the audio problems that plague us for about 4 minutes starting when we talk about the judges for the 1st episode of Top Chef Masters, once it clears up, it’s some awesome recapping action! After that, much to Allison’s hatred and Bryan’s amusement they cover 2 episodes of Megan Wants a Millionaire. We finally wrap it all up with the last episode of Next Food Network Star. It’s a long one, but it’s a good one, take it from me, the All Knowing Podcast Content Describer!

Episode 68 : Big Brother 11 Week 6 : Nominations, Eviction, HOH Again and various craziness (Aug 20th, 2009)
Big Brother Mike, Allison and Bryan get together to discuss all the effed-up-ness going on in the Big Brother house. From Chima being a nut, Allison Grodner talking to the house guests, to some putt putt golf and Dae Yum Yum, the 3 of them talk about it all.

Episode 69 : Big Brother 11 Week 6 : Eviction & Week 7 / Nominations & Veto (Aug 27th, 2009)
So Allison, Bryan and Big Brother Mike got a little behind on things, but we never stopped watching Big Brother, so we finally get the chance to let you know what we think. Not only do you get the normal and awesome Big Brother talk that you’ve come to know and love, but you also get 2, count them, 2 songs by number one fan Patrick to open and close this episode! Also, listen for Allison and Big Brother Mike disagreeing on some BB strategy and tell us who you agree with.

Episode 70 : Don’t Care (Aug 28th, 2009)
Once again Allison and Bryan are still playing catch up! They’re discussing the Top Chef Masters finale, last week’s Hell’s Kitchen and the premier of Top Chef Las Vegas. Things are pretty chill, laid back and hilarious, and they even give you an insight into their podcast making process. It should be noted that the good times can’t last forever and the duo take it upon themselves to talk about the Megan Wants a Millionaire controversy that has put a dark cloud over reality television. To bring back the fun we read some email from our number one fan Patrick that is all about CBS’s There Goes the Neighborhood as well as a quick and small voice-mail from him. Once again, let’s hear it for a year of I’m Not Here to Make Friends!

Episode 71 : Big Brother 11 Week 7 : Elimination (Aug 30th, 2009)
More Big Brother action brought to you by the team of Allison, Bryan and Big Brother Mike. Allison and Big Brother Mike are still arguing over Jeff’s decision to use the POV on Kevin in the last episode, as well as discussing Russel and Jordan’s big fight. All 3 of our hosts are on the edges of their seats trying to figure out what the new and mysterious power that Julie Chen teased at the end of the episode!

Episode 72 : Vegas Baby! (Sep 4th, 2009)
Hell’s Kitchen, Vegas, Top Chef, Vegas, Dungeons & Dragons, Spooky Babies, Video Games, Allison, Bryan, Patrick, Gambling and More! This episode has got it all! So strap on in for the best hour and 15 minutes you’ve ever spent listening to a podcast!

Episode 73 : Big Brother 11 Week 8 (Sep 6th, 2009)
Allison, Bryan and Big Brother Mike cover it all. Covering week 8 of Big Brother from who won Head of Household to Nominations to the Veto competition and sadly to Eviction. Yes it’s a sad day here, and Allison totally called it.

Episode 74 : Big Brother 11 Week 9 : Nominations, POV & Eliminations (Sep 10th, 2009)
Allison and Big Brother Mike are at the helm discussing what’s going on in the Big Brother house. Topics include, Natalie’s lies, Michelle’s devil horns, Natalie’s outfit, a Big Baby, a Copy Cat, a Cockroach and the return of Pandora’s Box.

Episode 75 : Big Brother 11 Final Week : HOH phases 1 & 2 (Sep 13th, 2009)
Big Brother Mike, Allison and Bryan are going to talk about some awesomeness! The awesomeness that is Big Brother 11! Oh man was this episode great! We find out the result of the first phase of the final HOH competition as well as see the second phase decided. Can we admit here that we cheered? Listen up and get ready for the finale with us! And don’t forget to vote America!

Episode 76 : Soyez Comme Un Chaton (Sep 16th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan are doing the usual catch up double episode and covering 2 episodes each of Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef Las Vegas. It’s all awesome when they talk about all cooking shows all the time! And guess what? For once they’re nearly current! Woo! Not only do they talk about the cooking on the shows they talk about they food they’re going to make for themselves as soon as this podcast is over. So get hungry, it’s I’m Not Here to Make Friends time, and they’ve brought seconds!

Episode 77 : Big Brother 11 Live Finale (Sep 19th, 2009)
Big Brother Mike, Allison and Bryan are going to talk about the finale! The finale of Big Brother 11! Oh man was this season great! We find out the result of the third phase of the final HOH competition as well as see who wins the show. Can we admit here that we cheered? Oh man did we cheer! We also talk about what liked about this season. Then Bryan and Allison bid farewell to Big Brother Mike until next summer.

Episode 78 : What a Fool Believes (Sep 21st, 2009)
Allison and Bryan have a short one for you. Not that they wanted it to be, it’s just that nothing else was on except for Top Chef Las Vegas this week. Big Brother is over, Hell’s Kitchen took the week off, Amazing Race has yet to start, so what were we to do?

Episode 79 : Eat it Like a Taco (Sep 30th, 2009)
Allison and Bryan are awesome! Awesome enough to talk about Top Chef and the 2hrs of Hell’s Kitchen they tossed at us last week. That’s right, we’re a little behind, but that’s because of all that booze we’ve been drinking. Don’t worry about it though, we’re getting some help (being too poor to drink is help right?) So sit back and enjoy another Chef-tastic episode of I’m Not Here to Make Friends!

Episode 80 : Eat the Wasabi (Oct 6th, 2009)
Are you ready to travel the world by proxy? Are you ready to watch reality television? Are you ready to do both? That’s right, it is the return of the Amazing Race! We hit up the 2 hour premier and then the 3rd episode! Oh and we cover last week’s Hell’s Kitchen too. Hey, wait, we also announce the winners of our House Husbands of Hollywood contest! Woo hoo!

Episode 81 : Eat a Bowl of It (Oct 13th, 2009)
Bryan and Allison talk about an upcoming event, orange drink vs. Tang, the Spanish language, Fanta, stealing away television cooks, Superfriends, Transformers and when they can, they fit it in some time to discuss some reality shows. Shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef Las Vegas and the Amazing Race.

Episode 82 : Spanish Lesson (Oct 21st, 2009)
Oh, all you lucky listeners out there, we have a show for you! Allison and Bryan discus the finale of Hell’s Kitchen and the most current episodes of Top Chef and the Amazing Race. They also have some reality show news to toss at you and even a call to action for all you fellow Solitary fans. Get ready for some excitement as our man Patrick has a new song to share with everyone!

Episode 83 : Doki Doki Panik (Oct 28th, 2009)
Top Chef Las Vegas & the Amazing Race are covered in this week’s slightly late installment of I’m Not Here to Make Friends : a Reality Show Podcast. We also have some reality show news to share with everyone, our usual silliness and a few phone calls from our number one fan Patrick. Remember kids, water slides are fun!

Episode 84 : Instant Classic (Nov 3rd, 2009)
Top Chef Las Vegas & the Amazing Race are discussed and Allison promises a quick but episode and then notably fails, on the quick part that is. Bryan eggs her on, so they’re both at fault but that’s the risk you take with free entertainment. This was an alright week for Top Chef but Amazing Race was so damn awesome, just listen to how excited Allison & Bryan get! And listeners, off topic, but what are your top 5 classic television series?

Episode 85 : Cookies are Yummy (Nov 10th, 2009)
Amazing Race and the Top Chef Reunion are the topics for this podcast, so you know it’s going to be a good one! These are 2 of our favorite shows, and it really comes through when we start to talk about them. There’s also some muppet talk as well as information on our upcoming event and the cherry on top, calls from Number One Fan Patrick, who’s calling out our other listeners for a challenge. Get involved listeners, don’t let him down!

Episode 86 : Casino Royale with Cheese (Nov 17th, 2009)
Do you watch Top Chef & the Amazing Race? Allison and Bryan sure do and they’re here to tell you not only what happened but also what they think! Sounds fun right? Yes it does! So strap in and get ready for some awesome podcasting action! Wheeeeeeee!

Episode 87 : Smite You with Metaphor Fists! (Dec 1st, 2009)
Top Chef & Amazing Race coverage from your favorite podcasters Allison and Bryan! Wheee! We took a week off, but so did Top Chef. Amazing Race didn’t take a holiday break so Allison and Bryan race to catch you up with two episodes worth of amazing racing. We keep it pretty much on task this week and fly through it while adding our (way more than) two cents. Sadly, no listener messages this week… we almost cried.

Episode 88 : Season Finale Madness! (Dec 20th, 2009)
The season finale’s of the Amazing Race and Top Chef are covered by the always exciting and excitable Allison and Bryan. While both finale’s were to be found kinda boring, these 2 discuss them like they were the riveting television they were intended to be. We lament the loss of Team Ms USA and then rip Bravo a new one. We catch up with number one fan Patrick on his adventures in California and we hear from a new caller and an old favorite!


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