Ever wonder how much it costs to keep a podcast up and running?   More then you think!

If you like what you hear and would like to donate to the podcast we would be forever grateful.  If you have a company you work for or own your own we would be honored to have that company sponsor a months worth of podcasts.

100% of all donations will go to upkeep of the podcast and corresponding website.  Currently, we have payments to to host our podcast, payments for hosting our website, payments for stickers used for advertising, and payments for cards made for advertising. In the near future we hope to launch a facebook and google ad campaign which will also raise our costs.   We very much enjoy bringing you our podcast and hope that you enjoy it as well.  The more money that gets donated the more contests, prizes, events, and cool advertising and website features we can implement.

In return for your donation, we will provide you with some fancy I’m Not Here To Make Friends stickers and put your name right here on our donations page!  If you have a company that would like to sponsor our podcast, in return we would put a link to your webpage on our homepage for the month as well as on a “sponsors” page which will list all the companies that have sponsored us in the past.

If you are interested please email for more information.

Thank you for reading this shameless plug and you may now continue listening at your leisure.


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