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We Talk To The Podcast Podcast

A few weeks ago, Bryan and I did an interview with the awesome show The Podcast Podcast. We had a great time and talked a lot of trash….we even revealed a few behind the scenes secrets…….shhhhh don’t tell.

Check out our interview at

Stalk them on twitter:  @thepodpod

These guys are our new best friends!

October 7, 2010 at 4:06 pm 1 comment

Episode 135 : Reality Rally Interview

Download Episode 135

We got a chance to talk with Gillian Larson from Survivor Gabon about her fundraiser Reality Rally. She talks about who’s going to be there, what’s going to be going on and how she got the idea for the fundraiser in the first place.

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Scream Queens 2 Interview

At the San Diego Comic Con we got to not only meet up with 4 of the cast members from this season’s Scream Queens, but also with the executive producers Joke and Biagio. Be sure to check out the premiere tonight on VH1 at 10, but also Joke and Biagio’s websites: Joke Productions & Joke & Biagio and their twitter: @jokeandbiagio for even more information on the show!

August 2, 2010 at 5:08 am 1 comment

Talking with Michele Noonen

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Not Makes Friends Talks to Jesse Godderz

Allison and Bryan meet up with Big Brother’s Jesse Godderz at Wizard World Anaheim for a short interview. We get to find out what Jesse is up to now and a bit about what brought him to audition for Big Brother in the first place.

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Tests & Treatments : Just for Fun

Download Tests & Treatments : Just for Fun

Kelsey Thorn, the winner of Solitary 4.0, gets interviewed by Allison and Bryan. Find out how she ended up on the show, her reactions to winning and just what she thought of VAL.

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Tests & Treatments : For the Family

Download Tests & Treatments : For the Family

Rommel Gargoles is interviewed by Allison and Bryan about his time hanging out with VAL, what kept him going and what it is like getting to the finals.

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Tests & Treatments : Virtually Amazing

Download Tests & Treatments : Virtually Amazing

Allison and Bryan are talking about Solitary 4.0 Episode 6! Going over all the spins, putts, punches, lies, mazes & air guitaring like the champs they are. All that an interview with Bea Henington AKA #7!

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Tests & Treatments : Disposable

Download Tests & Treatments : Disposable

Allison and Bryan are joined by Liberty Freeman AKA #9 to discuss her time in the pod.

Our episode in 2 parts:
1. Solitary 4.0 Episode 5 Recap & Review
2. Interview with #9 Liberty Freeman

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Tests & Treatments : Shut Up Babies!

Download Tests & Treatments : Shut Up Babies!

Allison and Bryan are covering episode four of the very excellent Solitary 4.0! Not only is there the usual recap, but a totally kick ass interview w/ #5 Mr. Todd Ranck. Not only does he talk about his time in the pod, but also enlightens us to his experiences in his professional game show career. On top of all that he even starts to interview Allison and Bryan!

Part 1 : Episode 4 Recap
Part 2 : Interview with #5 Todd Ranck
Part 3 : Episode 4 Ratings

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Tests & Treatments : Cook My Eggs with a Spoon

Download Tests and Treatments : Make My Eggs with a Spoon
More Solitary 4.0 coverage from your favorite reality show critics at I’m Not Here to Make Friends. Once again we have some interviews for you as well as our regular coverage. This episode delivers the goods harder than a paddling from VAL.

Part 1 : Episode 2 Coverage
Part 2 : Interview with #4 Courtney Hill
Part 3 : Interview with a Solitary virgin

Links of Note:
Save Solitary :
Reality Wanted:

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Tests & Treatments : Have You Memorized it Yet?

Download Tests & Treatments’ first episode!
Solitary 4.0 is upon us and we couldn’t be happier! Boy, do we have a heck of a show for you this week! We have a bunch of interviews for you!
Part 1 : Allison and Bryan recap the Solitary 4.0 season premier
Part 2 : An interview with the original #6 Rhonda Lucero
Part 3 : An interview with #1 Nick Leland
Part 4 : Mystery interview!

Links of Note:
#6 AKA Rhonda :
#6’s Husband AKA Mr Mojo :
#1 AKA Nick :
Save Solitary :

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Pack Your Knives and Win!

Download Pack Your Knives and Go Las Vegas : Week 14 pt. 2

Michael Voltaggio is interviewed by Endless Simmer’s Brendan and I’m Not Here to Make Friends’ Allison and Bryan. We find out who’s idea it was for Michael and Bryan to go on Top Chef, how it was to have his mom at the finale and what Michael really thinks about Kevin’s cooking.

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Pack Your Knives & Go Las Vegas : Week 14 pt. 1

Download Pack Your Knives and Go Las Vegas : Week 14 pt. 1

Interviewing Top Chef runners-up Kevin Gillespie and Bryan Voltaggio is Allison, Brendan and Bryan of I’m Not Here to Make Friends and Endless Simmer. It was an interesting experience being able to talk to both of them at the same time, to say the least. Find out Kevin thought about going up against the brothers and what they each thought about Kevin being eliminated!

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Pack Your Knives and Go Las Vegas : Week 13

Download Pack Your Knives and Go Las Vegas : Week 13

Allison, Brendan and Bryan interview the latest Top Chef casualty, Jen. While it was sad to watch her exit the show, she was totally awesome and friendly to talk to. She shares with us about her final dish, her hardest challenge, her favorite moment and what she really thought of New Jersey Mike!

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