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I’m Not Here to Make Friends : A Reality Show Podcast

A weekly podcast hosted by Allison Nowacki and Bryan J Polk about what’s going on in the world of reality shows. We laugh at, disect and discuss several shows each week as well as answer messages from our listeners.

Allison Nowacki (host/executive producer/creator)

It's money! by Rad Jose.Born the poor daughter of wealthy parents on the mean streets of the Chicago suburbs her love of television came early in life with such shows as David The Gnome, Thundercats and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Also, not to be forgotten, live shows like Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Friends, Moonlight and most importantly Veronica Mars. She attended Bradley University in Peoria, IL as a communications major concentrating in television and also theatre. While working at a local television station she met Bryan Polk and things would never be the same (if that is a good or bad thing is yet to be seen). The relationship Allison has with reality television is sordid and very much love/hate. In an interview Allison was quoted as saying “It’s like NASCAR, I dont like it but I watch hoping to see a crash”. Her father’s love of Big Brother brought her over to the dark side. Soon the floodgates opened and reality television became a staple in her household. Some of Allison’s favorite reality shows include Top Chef (BRAVO), Big Brother (CBS), Solitary (Fox Reality Channel), Wifeswap (ABC) and Hell’s Kitchen (FOX). She currently works in television technology in Los Angeles, CA haunting many local bars and is quite the beer connoisseur.

Bryan J. Polk (host/executive producer)

Hey Jose! by Rad Jose.Out of the wilderness of the rural Midwest comes Bryan J. Polk, a boy who began life as he was destined to live it… going in several directions at once. While he grew up with only a small black and white television that only received 4 channels, he would still wind up glued to the glowing screen before him. He developed a love a television that has yet to be broken. Several years later on in life he ended up moving to sunny Los Angeles with Allison Nowacki and it was decided to put their mutual love of television to good use and start a podcast. While Top Chef (BRAVO) is one of the few reality shows that Bryan looks forward to, he has grown to also love Big Brother (CBS) and Kitchen Nightmares (FOX). When Bryan isn’t watching reality television or talking about it he’s either taking a nap, or mixing a fine martini.


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