Episode 221 : Big Brother 15 Week 5 : POV & Elimination (Lumberjackin’ It)

August 4, 2013 at 12:41 pm Leave a comment

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Woo ha, gotcha all in check, it’s time for another excellent I’m Not Here to Make Friends podcast w/ your hosts: Allison, Bryan and Big Brother Mike! What, what? It is true, they are back to help you through the Wednesday and Thursday episodes of Big Brother 15 (USA edition) covering the kinds of things you care about, like what Julie is wearing, how Allison is jealous of the crowd in the live ep, and who would be which Ghost Buster. I know, all highly important and mind bending stuff. Turn on, tune in, drop on by this podcast and tell alla ya’lls friends too!

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Episode 220 : Big Brother 15 Week 5 : Have/Have Not & Nominations (Not Ready for Prime Time) Episode 222 : Big Brother 15 Week 6 : HOH & Nominations (BUTTS! BUTTS!! BUTTS!!!)

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