Next Iron Chef Redemption Episode 4 (Two Chefs One Plate)

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Ladies and gentlemen, I have been staring at my blank screen trying to figure out what to say about this episode.   I laughed, I cried, I threw a little hissy fit at the end.  It was an emotional rollercoaster.  Damn you Next Iron Chef for doing this to me.
To get logistics out of the way…this episodes theme was transformations.  The main challenge was to take canned items and make them something yummy.  Some of the cans were mystery cans with questions marks on them so there was a fun little easy twist in this competition.  I always find it so funny how much chefs retch at canned food.  One day I want Alton Brown to just school them in the history of canned foods and while it may not be the most tasty of healthy for you, it certainly changed the world we live in.  Chef Falkner ended up winning but that doesn’t really matter (well it does but come on….).  The bottom two going into the showdown are Spike and Marcel.  I was shocked!  Not my boys!  As Chef Alex put it, this is not a showdown but it is a brodown.  I’ve commented in my past reactions that I love the bromance that is going on between Marcel and Spike and I am not ready to let that go.  Not in the least!  Do you hear me Chairman?!

It seemed like the gods were shining down on Spike and Marcel and they got a great secret ingredient.   Lobster was revealed which makes all of this so bitter sweet.   Neither Marcel nor Spike want to knock the other out.  There is a rock and a hard place and they are right in the middle.   Spike goes about making a soup while Marcel starts making some poached lobster with mango and  some hibiscus and black bean sauce.  There were tons of bro moments where they were supporting eachother and saying how good they both looked and stuff but then things took a turn for the interesting.

Marcel asked if Spike wanted to plate on the same plate.  In a move of solidarity and if they go down they go down together.  Spike agrees and this sets all the other chefs in a tizzy.  They are saying how this is going to get them both eliminated and how they are making a mockery of iron chef etc etc.  Correct me if I am wrong but last I checked this was still just a bastardized American version of a Japanese competition show right?  When did this become the end all be all people?  If anything I think it shows good on their character as friends.  No man left behind and all that good stuff.   The other chefs are taking this WAY too seriously.  Please feel free to contest this with me either via the comments, twitter (@notmakefriends)  or our email (

Goofiness ensues as Marcel and Spike really ham it up in front of the judges.  They make ninja poses as the sliding doors open to reveal them and crack a few jokes.  This is why I love these guys.  Life isn’t meant to be so serious and when you are forced to go up against your best friend in the competition there needs to be a little bit of lightheartedness.  The judges did not really see it the same way I did.  They saw it as cocky and a bit juvenile but I saw it as fun and good natured.  What were they supposed to do?  Try to punch eachother or something?  The boys really only faultered once.  They judges asked if they were meant to be judged together.  Is this a real all for one and one for all situation?  They waffled a little bit and that was the end of that.  I wish they just would have said yes and stood by their decision.  If they did, the two chefs one plate concept would have worked much better.  I must admit though I cannot take credit for coming up with “two chefs one plate”.  That is the brainchild of Spike and Marcel.  How can you not love these two?!

Marcel edged out Spike only on creativity of his dish.  They both put out great food.   I was really hoping there would be a decision to save both of them but evidently I don’t take this show as seriously as others.   I just love seeing the bros bump fists and hypothetically slap butts and have a good laugh.  Hopefully Marcel can pull off a win and Spike can sometimes guest star on his podium in kitchen stadium.  That would be awesome.
What are your thoughts?

Have a great leftovers week!


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