The Next Iron Chef: Redemption Episode 3 (I Disagree!)

November 20, 2012 at 1:54 pm Leave a comment

Wow!   Just wow!   I really liked this episode.   This is what I have been waiting for in this show.

In episode 3 here we start out with the chefs taking some awesome pictures at the LA Farmer’s Market.  While this seemed out of place a little, I loved it because it was fun and since I’m Not Here To Make Friends is  based in LA it is awesome to see our city looking amazing.  The pictures all turned out lovely and were meant to showcase the chefs personalities.   My favorite was Greenspan’s picture with all the cheese.  I wish I could find it for you to put it here but just watch the episode.
The pictures were great but here comes the twist….are you ready for it?   The chefs get paired into teams of two and they need to make a simple (did I mention the theme today was simplicity?   No?  Well the theme was simplicity) one bite dish showcasing the personality of their opponent!  Crazy!

This is where all the disagreeing really started.   Some of the chefs didn’t think the dishes meant to represent them were accurate or didn’t agree with the judges opinions of their dish.   Mainly there were a lot of hurt feelings and pouting.  I loved it.  This is why I love chefs in general.  Most of them are awesome but kind of dicks at the same time and that makes them hilarious and fun to hang out with.   Go Chefs!  Prime example is when Nate pushes Marcel into the fridge door a bit to get him out of the way when they are all jockeying for ingredients.  Marcel ends up getting an item that Nate wants and won’t share it with him mainly because he just got checked (yay hockey term) into a fridge door.  I wouldn’t have shared it with him either.  Heck with what other people say…we love ya Marcel.   Too bad so sad for you Nate.

In the secret ingredient challenge there were four chefs competing.   All the interviews with the chefs were saying things like “this is nuts”  and “this adds so much pressure”.   I would think having four chefs in the final challenge would be an advantage because instead of having a 50% chance to go home you just reduced your odds to 25% and I mean…I like those odds a lot better.   I was disappointed when some of my favorites were in the bottom and therefore in the secret ingredient challenge.  Marcel, Greenspan, Falkner, and Mehta were going to go head to head to head to head this week.   Our boy Spike was spared but certainly still added to the fun.

One of my favorite things  this week wasn’t just the fact that the four bottom chefs had to work with cereal (if you know me at all you know how much I love cereal) but was the bromance between Spike and Marcel.   We all know they have been bros since forever but this week their commentary was just stupendous.  While Marcel was cooking Spike was offering words of encouragement from the sidelines.

Spike:  You are looking good

Marcel:  No you are looking good!

There was high fives flying and the broment really made me feel all warm inside.
So I guess this is the point where I tell you who went home (as if you don’t already know because you obviously have access to the internet).   Greenspan ends up going home but the most wonderful thing happens.   Alton say “you were outcooked by just such a small margin”  and Greenspan was pretty pissed because he wasn’t outcooked.  He said he might have been out conceptualized but not outcooked.   NEVER outcooked!  He left  pouty and seriously…..this is why we watch this stuff right?

Have a great gobble week everyone!


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