The Next Iron Chef: Redemption Episode 2 (Allison’s Reactions)

November 13, 2012 at 3:02 pm Leave a comment

I will warn you now dear reader that this reaction will be short.   The second episode in on TNIC:R (yes that is how I abbreviate it now) was nothing short of boring.   If you are looking to keep me hooked Food Network, you are failing.


This episode revolved around innovation.  The chefs were divided into three groups.   Group Taco, Group Falafel, and Group Banh Mi.  Their task was to innovate these foods that we all know and love into something the judges could love even more.   The twist here isn’t in the challenge itself since it is pretty straight forward.   The twist is that 3 people will be going into the final showdown challenge this week (the bottom chef from each group).    Each group would have a winner and then an overall winner would also be announced who would get the advantage in the chairman’s challenge in the next episode.

The winners were Chef Alex, Chef Mehta, and Greenspan.  I was surprised on these winners.  Alex  just made some crazy dish with squash blossoms that didn’t even seem to resemble a taco at all, Mehta just wrapped some falafel in rice paper to make rolls, and Greenspan just took a Bahn Mi and made it a salad.   None of these dishes seemed to be amazing to me but I suppose they were the best of the bunch.

Cooking for their lives were Chef Falkner, Chef Freitag, and Chef Duskie (I just like saying her name is Duskie…it kind of sounds like a stripper name).   The secret ingredient was white bread.  White bread!  I always like to lean over to Bryan and tell him what I would make if I was on this show.   I told him I would make my mother’s hot tuna on toast.   I am sure I would have been eliminated but hey it would have been tasty and true to who I am.  Going home was Chef Duskie (damn I am going to miss saying your name girl).  I think her dish probably would have tasted the best but it just didn’t use bread as the main feature in the dish.   Not like Falkner who made some kind of crazy french toast.  I am sorry to say but I think that is a bit of a cop out but who knows….I wasn’t there eating it.

This entire episode was just boring and had challenges that have been overplayed.   The most annoying part is that they started the episode at the Nickle Diner in LA.  This is a great diner that makes a killer bacon maple donut but it really had nothing to do with the episode.   It was more or less just a room that they stood in to choose teams.  I didn’t feel like most of the cooking was as good as it could have been and there was far less humor or suspense than I would have wanted.   The only suspense was when all three chefs were fighting for their lives because they were all in the same space and running into eachother a little bit and all using the same kitchen space.  That does not make a good show.   I found myself playing words with friends a lot during this episode and just not being able to really engage with it.

Atleast Spike is still in it though and who knows…..maybe next week will be better.   Maybe their main story editor called in sick or something.  Right?  Chairman?  Alton?  Right?!


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