The Next Iron Chef: Redemption Episode 1 (Allison’s Reactions)

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This post may be a little late to the game (as I am sure other blogs have already covered this) but I bet you are wondering to yourself….”What does Allison think of TNIC: Redemption?”.

Ask and your prayers will be answered because here it comes!

When I was younger (let’s say around 12 or 13) in the summer I would stay up until the wee hours of the morning.   I was usually on the internet (some things never change) and at around 1 am on the newly created food network they would show episodes of this Japanese import called Iron Chef.  I very quickly became hooked and very much loved all the exotic ingredients and how serious it was taken.  There was nothing that told me that Kitchen Stadium wasn’t a real place and it seemed like that original iron chefs were held with such high regard.  IT was awesome.  You can still catch them sometimes on cooking channel but the original is really where it is at.   Iron Chef America is a cheesy watered down version that is good every now and again but doesn’t leave you satisfied for the long term.   There is a revolving door of iron chefs and even Alton Brown sometimes can’t save it.

I originally wanted to watch this show for Spike and Marcel (two Top Chef alumni who are always fun to watch).    If you haven’t been watching “Life After Top Chef”  I really think you should.   Even if BRAVO stole the name from our podcast interviews with previous cheftestants years prior (see our episode archives page) it is still a well made show and I have been enjoying it – but I digress #tangent.

This season is obviously all about redemption and second chances and the first challenge is nothing but cruel.  The next iron chef hopefuls need to face the ingredient that got them eliminated from the show previously.  This is nothing short of awesome.   Some of the chefs do really well while others, once again, taste the bitter taste (pun intended) of defeat.  To add even MORE on top of that the challenge takes place on a beach where they need to create and keep their own fire and show resourcefulness.  Talk about coming out of the gate swinging chairman.

I am not going to go into what each chef made or anything like that, you can watch the show or read other blogs for that kind of information.   The thing I want to talk about is how cocky Tim Love was in this episode.   I have seen Tim Love previously on episodes of Top Chef and Top Chef Masters and have always found him to be charming and a great judge.   In this episode though he was cocky and a bit of a tool.   He made a sub-par dish to present to the judges but with his remaining time he made himself a steak lunch and drank some wine.   In all honesty, I didn’t find this to be endearing at all.  It is almost a slap in the face to the viewers and the other chefs who really wanted to crush the demons from their previous attempt at Iron Chef glory.

When it is time for the elimination cook off, I was not surprised to see Tim Love there but his other opponent was no other than our boy Spike.  There is no way I wanted to see Spike go.   He was eliminated first in his previous season and I personally love to watch him.   He isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but he certainly fits the bill for me.   He is just a bit cocky but is just unapologetically himself.   What you see is what you get.  Lucky for me Spike is not going home and we got to say goodbye to Tim Love.   I am not sure why he thought it would be a good choice to come into the first challenge with a chip on his shoulder but it cost him.

I am excited to see what Alton Brown and the Chairman have in store for the rest of the season and while I wouldn’t put money on Spike or Marcel winning the entire thing… never know.   Food Network does like to sway the winners to be people who have a relationship with BRAVO.   It is like they are trying to pee around their talent and mark their territory.   If I had to guess though I would give my early odds pick to Alexandra Guarnaschelli (aka Butter).
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