The Real World: Homophobia

October 13, 2011 at 6:04 pm 1 comment

When I was watching The Real World: San Diego last night, I was struck by how closed minded almost this entire cast is. I am not even going to get into how stupid it was to cast an 19 year old on the show (what is the point if you can’t get drunk and start fights!) but seriously let’s talk about the huge amount of homophobia in the house.

I am a straight female raised in the Midwest. I went to a catholic private high school. In case you were wondering my background and think “oh she is just a liberal and was raised all metropolitan….”. The answer is that I wasn’t raised in the big city and I have your very standard upbringing that you get in middle class middle America.

This episode started out with none of the other roomates (outside of Frank…who is gay…straight…bi…whatever he chooses to be that day) wanting to go to the gay bar with Sam. Sam is a butch lesbian as we all well know but she has this confidence in who she is and doesn’t feel the need to proclaim her stance on gay issues or gay politics. She just wants to hook up with some honeys while she is on holiday in San Diego. Being a theatre major in college, I have met both types of homosexuals. I have met the kind that need to be on a soapbox (Frank) and those that just are who they are (Sam). The other roommates drop Frank and Sam off at the gay club on their way to their very straight club and Nate just freaks out. He wants to drive away fast and completely overreacts. I don’t want people flaunting their sexuality around if you are gay, straight, pink, purple or blue but who reacts like that to just sitting in a car NEAR a gay club?! Frank ends up meeting a guy he likes at the club (and by likes I mean that he is warm for his form) and brings him home for a little boot knocking.

The real issue with Frank is that he doesn’t just have sex with this guy, it is that he has sex with him in the hot tub and in the shower. These are communal areas in the house and should be sex free. I did agree with that part but the way the roommates react to it is just absurd. They all pretend that they are upset because he had sex in communal spaces but are obviously using that as a front for their own insecurities about Frank’s homosexuality. Zach and Nate make comments all the time about how they don’t want Frank to have sex in the house with guys he’s brought home. They say they “like” Frank and they are all “best friends” but they just do not want Frank to be himself or get some action from another dude. They just want him there…like a clown or a puppy.

Nate doesn’t sleep in the room he shares with Frank for three days after the sexcapades. He stated that he needed time to deal because he wasn’t comfortable. It isn’t as if Frank forced him to watch it! Gay isn’t contagious. You don’t need to quarantine the room. The guy had sex with a man…he didn’t catch leprosy. The hypocrisy doesn’t end there though. Nate ends up bringing home a girl during his self imposed exile and where does he fool around with her? In the hot tub and their room with people home! That is acceptable behavior but if it is two dudes it is wrong? I do not agree with Frank’s drunken rant and breaking things but you can understand how isolated he feels in the house. Sam is so confident in her place and Frank seems to be standing on sand.

I am shocked at how in today’s age there are still people that treat homosexuality as something to be feared or that it isn’t normal. Frank did not have sex with any of the roommates and no one had to watch it. He shouldn’t have had sex in the shower and hot tub (they did find a condom in the shower…gross!) but it is as if these people have never had real roommates before. This is the stuff that happens with roommates. Someone is going to have sex in the shower…someone is going to fool around on the couch. You don’t need to bleach the hot tub because two dudes were in there as opposed to a dude and a chick.

I was shocked last night that casting for this show has the balls to cast so many closed minded people on one season. Normally there will be one or two but dang Frank and Sam seem pretty outnumbered.

It is all ok though dear reader…by the end of the episode Frank buys everyone an expensive meal to make up for his outbursts and everything is forgiven…that is, of course, until he tries to bring another guy home.


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  • 1. Suz  |  December 8, 2011 at 11:40 am

    Zack, you are a meathead, full of yourself, selfish and a homophob, why did you come to this experience?
    you are so not likable.. you came for the wrong reasons, not a love affair. How rude you are!
    you better work on your issues, you will turn into a bitter man.
    btw, that ponytail thing you do on top of your head, is actually hilarious, get a haircut, you little Nancy

    Ashley, you are the same as him, two faced, and a twit.

    you do belong together in your little bubble

    Frank, I love you guy, but you are insecure, move on from zack and ashley drama, you dont need it, and you certainly dont need their approval
    find someone and settle down soon.. its not becoming of you to sleep around so much

    Nate, I love you.. great smile, great guy, fun

    Sam, I love you.. I think your hot! I love your voice

    you other gals were beautiful.. wonderful, caring friends

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