I’m Not Here to Make Friends on Inside the Podcasting Studio

March 14, 2011 at 8:29 am Leave a comment

Ever wanted to know more about Bryan and Allison? Seriously, it isn’t like they don’t talk about themselves enough in the podcast. Virginia of “Inside the Podcasting Studio” took some time to ask our two hosts a few questions, and get to the bottom of a few mysteries. We’re not saying that this will or will not blow your mind and shock you, but you will come away knowing things that you didn’t about “I’m Not Here to Make Friends”. If that is something you can handle, then dive right in!

Thanks again to Virginia for taking to time to talk to us and then listen to our ramble.


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Episode 149 : Allison is a Racist (or the Batman) Episode 150 : You Have to Listen to it to Hear it

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