I Think I Spoke Too Soon…

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Last week I put up an article about how well I thought Adam was doing.   I mentioned how it seemed like he has turned a new leaf and is actually focused on Chelsea and Aubree.   I think I spoke too soon.  

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In this weeks episode we see Adam do a complete 180 (or 360 depending on how you say the phrase.  I think 180 is more appropriate).   This week we saw Adam go back to his usual antics and start picking on Chelsea’s roommate and best friend.  Chelea’s dad, as we all know, is not fond of Adam ever since he knocked her up and left her crying (Dad may have a point there….) but he is trying to let Chelea make her own decisions and while he may not agree with what she is doing he will not forbid her to stop.    Her father’s rule was that Adam couldnt live there and now that Adam is in fact living there he has changed the rule to be the Adam has to pay rent and help out financially.  This is where Adam begins to get defensive and says that he thinks that if he should pay rent, that Megan should pay rent as well.   Until now, Megan and Chelsea have been living in this awesome house free of charge thanks to Chelea’s dad.  Megan has been such a great friend to Chelsea and has supported her emotionally as well as with Aubree.  Megan was always there to help feed Aubree or watch Aubree while Chelsea was studying or needed to go out.  

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At first when all of this was going down, I thought to myself that I could see where Adam is coming from.  Why should he be the only person paying rent when he already pays child support.   It would be only fair that Megan and Adam both help out.  It seems like an all of nothing kind of deal and you should segregate on person in the group.   It almost would seem as if it was a punishment if Adam was the only one who had to pay anything to live there.  So why not split the rent two ways (assuming that Chelea’s dad would still pay for her portion)? 

This is when things go horribly wrong.   Adam ends up doing a HUGE no no and texts Megan that she needs to pay rent or move out.   He had no right to do that and even smiled and laughed a bit as he hit send.  At this moment is when I thought to myself “I am going to have to eat crow on that blog.”

Adam was so in the wrong to get in the middle of that friendship.  They had such a good thing with Megan living there.  Not only was she a great friend for moral support but was also great with Aubree.   Adam should have realized that Megan is now also family.   If things didn’t go so horribly then I am sure Aubree would have been calling her Aunt Megan.

Now Megan is moved out because she cannot take the games anymore and Chelsea’s dad has expressed his “I told you so” opinion.   Chelsea really was trying to do what was best for everyone.  I thoguht Adam was changing and who wouldnt want to have their baby’s father in the picture.  She talked to Megan about rent and I really thought this would all work out and every party involved would be ok.   I was very wrong.

I can’t wait to see what happens next week but at the same time, I really wanting this to be the happy story this year.   I wanted this one to work out more then any of the others.   Chelsea could have had everything but she flew too close to the sun too fast and it burned her.  

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Until next week baby fanatics, let’s end on a happy note….Aubree certainly is a cute little peanut! 


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