How Do You Solve A Problem Like Janelle

February 10, 2011 at 1:52 pm 1 comment

Where do I begin to talk about Janelle from Teen Mom 2.    There are moments where I feel for the girl.   Her mother seems psycho, she is a teen mom, can’t afford to attend college, all while trying to be a teen and have friends and a life outside of her home.  That is Janelle in a nutshell.

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I think her boyfriend Keifer said it best on this past episode.  He said that she brings a lot of this drama upon herself and I couldn’t agree more.  Keifer seems almost too good for her.  I just dont know what to believe with her.  She says how she wants to have custody of her son, Jace, someday but then will not show up to babysit him.   It is somewhat contradictory.    She should be there more then she isnt for that child.  I am all for having family help out and be supportive but we hardly ever see her with Jace.   We do see her go to a party where the first thing someone asked her was a vieled question on if she wanted to partake in some pot.  Atleast that is how this viewer took it.  

Her mother isn’t any better and the apple definately didn’t fall far from the tree.  I don’t know if I can blame Janelle for all of her actions if she was raised in a house like that.  Her mother is constantly putting her down and raising her voice.  After years and years of that, I can see why she acts out.  It isn’t an excuse but it certainly is a cause.   I am surprised how much yelling goes on in front of little Jace.  Him being with Janelle or with the mother isn’t a healthy environment.  

I just am so torn on how I feel about Janelle and her mother.   Last season on Teen Mom was saw Farrah and her crazy mother but my feelings aren’t the same for them as they are for Janelle.   Farrah didn’t bring a lot of that on herself.  She was a teen with a smart mouth but she was going through a lot.  She had lost her boyfriend and baby’s father in a car accident and had a mother who obviously cared more for her grandchild then she did for Farrah.  That is obviously going to take a toll.   Janelle and her mother are just a vicious circle of no good.  One will set off the other and it will be WWIII.   I always had very supportive parents but can identify how sometimes words can hurt more then anything else.   When Janelle’s mother called her a piece of shit mother and a slut, my jaw dropped to the ground.   Farrah’s mother would do nothing like that.   I am not sure this is even a train wreck I want to watch.  

 On this blog, we try to not report on news and gossip…we strictly review the shows as we see them but if you want a taste of what has been going on in Janelle’s life now that the episodes are airing on MTV you can check out


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My Heart Melts For Teen Mom 2 Episode 146 : In AD 2011, War Was Beginning

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  • 1. Viviane  |  February 12, 2011 at 11:22 am

    I so agree with you. I have taught kindergarten through 12th grade and have seen first-hand the beginnings of parents virtually ruining their relationships with their children before they really have a chance to begin. At one point, I heard a superintendant state that “Our 12th graders are just as fragile as our kindergartners.” This point was driven home to me when last summer one of my 18yo,12th grade male students stayed after class and sobbed because his father said he was never wanted and was unloved. I’ve seen 17yo students attempt suicide rather than talk to their parents about their homosexuality or fear of failing school. Parents need to know that children’s worst fears is disappointing their parents, or worse, being unloved. And, all children, no matter their age, need to know that they are loved absolutely unconditionally.

    In Jenelle’s case, her life seems to have a long history of being torn down without ever really being built up, thus she has turned to drugs, alcohol and boys as a form of escape. She doesnt’ turn up to tend to her son because he is in the care of her mother who drove her to her current state. While Jenelle is old enough to take responsibility for her actions and her child, her mother has much more experience in adulthood and therefore should be setting an example of how to “mother” a child, starting with her own – Jenelle. It almost seems as though her mother wants another opportunity to “re-do” motherhood with her grandson, while manipulating situations to drive her “failure of a daughter” away.

    When I watch the show, I don’t have ill feelings for Jenelle, but a broken heart. This is a child seeking structure and support and needs a tough, firm, yet loving mentor to drive her to rehab, then to a loving, supportive home.

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