My Heart Melts For Teen Mom 2

February 9, 2011 at 5:00 am 1 comment

As I was watching Teen Mom 2 last night on MTV, it dawned on me how invested I was in these characters.   Last season I just wanted to see Amber hit Gary and see all of that drama.   This year I find myself almost rooting for the teen moms.

Leah – she has been so strong and trying to make wise decisions in her life.   She wants to go to school but is worried that with Corey working full time, that he wont be able to help out much with the babies.  We havent seen a mom with twins on teen mom before so she is really reaching into territory that not many average aged moms deal with.  She also has been dealing with Ali’s health issues.   I saw a picture of their entire family on an issue of Us Weekly  this week and found myself smiling at how happy that looked in the picture.   “Good for them!” I thought to myself.    It also made me smile because babies in glasses are too darn cute!  Even though at times Corey is your average first time father (with all the stresses and ignorance that comes with it) he is still there trying and that is what matters.  No first time parent has all the right answers.I want them to do well and Ali to be healthy.    I didnt get that feeling for any of the mom’s last year.   *photo from Us Weekly courtesy on



Chelsea – I find Chelsea so heartwarming.  While her father may not think all of her decisions are the best (like Adam moving into the house she shares with Megan) he is always there for her and is behind her 100%.  Their relationship seems to solid even though it is evolving and changing.   She is so lucky to have a friend like Megan with whom she can confide in and have help with little Aubree.   Aubree is so freaking cute as well.  She is just a little peanut that I want to gobble up! She is trying to finish her high school work at home so she can attend beauty school.   She has her goals and she is trying to stick to them as best as possible.   Even Adam, her on again off again baby daddy, has really changed and come around to being a good father.   It is his first time at this rodeo as well and as long as he stays on this track, I think he will go well.   Again, I must say that Aubree is adorable and she is probably the only baby in the history of babies that make me think “hey yeah sure I can handle a kid”.  She is so chill and so well behaved.   Chelsea may have relaly hit the jackpot here in making a bad situation work for her as opposed to against her.  She is a mother while still being a teen and having a great time.   photo courtesy of


Kailyn – I think Kailyn is just stuck in a bad situation that is only going to get worse.  She is more or less trapped with her baby daddy’s family since she is living in their house.   It has a tendency to become dysfunctional.  The reason I like Kailyn is that she is trying her best.  She is going to school, working, and taking care of her baby Isaac.  The hand the feeds her (i.e. Joe’s family) is a blessing and a curse.   I know it sounds like I am talking about spiderman but it is true.  They offer her a lot of support since her mother is more or less MIA in her life but at the same time she is forced into weird situations because she is in debt to them.   In the most recent episode, Kailyn and Joe get kicked out of the parent’s house.   Let me rephrase, Joe gets the both kicked out of his parent’s house.  Jerk.   Now they must decide if they are going to live together in their own apartment.  Kailyn is finally thinking clearly and realizing that her best option is the live alone but she needs to figure out how in the world she is going to pull this off financially.  It should be an interesting few weeks for Kailyn in the Teen Mom 2 episodes.  I think Kailyn is probably the most representative of the average American teen mom.   photo sources at


And then there is Janelle.   She will get her own post.   Isn’t that special…..stay tuned.



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