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Ok guys…I’m back! Here’s 2 articles condensed into one thus Buy 1, Get 1 Free. I know you missed me. No need for the mushy stuff let’s get down to business.

The last two shows have involved a lot of guns. Again the show is called Sarah Palin’s Alaska yet week after week I am more convinced that the Palins are just really discovering Alaska through this show. Each week Sarah seems to require more and more instruction on using guns, catching fish, hiking, rock climbing, etc. These are things that I thought at least Sarah Palin would have mastered by now. Her stories from growing up when have you thinking that she came out of the womb with a shotgun and ammo. Granted for the sake of making the show more appealing the producers could be simply showing us what is necessary to go out into the wild but let’s face the facts most Americans are not going to be hanging out with bears. I’ll go even further to venture that most Americans today have not gone camping, let alone loaded a gun or caught a fish. Repeatedly I am faced with harsh cold reality that I am a materialistic consumer driven fast food eating American. I am not worthy to call myself an American really. How dare I say I am an American when I don’t know the joy of stocking my fridge with moose, caribou and any other animal with antlers that I can throw into a soup during the winter? I think that’s the problem with today’s society that our future president Sarah Palin would be bringing to light. More Americans need guns, ammo and room to hunt. It will do wonders for the inter-city youth to stop killing one another and start killing the animals. Let’s revert back to hunting and gathering for the sake of familial bonding and character development. Nothing says you can trust me more than watching me shoot down and kill an animal from hundreds of yards away.

What can be better than making fun of Americans? Bringing the type of Americans you make fun of onto your show. Sarah had Kate plus 8 on the show. (Sorry no more Jon. I know I was sad too) It made me think of parties my family would throw growing up and sometimes my parents would invite people from out of the ordinary. These out of the oridnary people were not people that my parents particularly liked and I’m not sure if they invited them for a good laugh or because they didn’t want these “people” to feel left out. This is what this episode reminds me of. The Palins are bringing Kate on the show for the drama or the laugh factor. I’m not sure if they like her but hey ratings may go up for this episode. Meanwhile all Kate did was complain about every little thing. Kate was supposed to come on the show and Sarah of all people was showing her how to go camping Alaska style and Kate didn’t even go camping. Kate and her 8 went out on a hike and had lunch then left. Wow what did you expect Kate when Sarah said you were going camping? A hotel? The Palins were turned off by the Gosselins, well more specifically Kate. I guess I can understand Kate’s perspective too.  She has 8 kids and the thought of sleeping outdoors when she’s used to being in a nice warm bed is less than desirable. Or even taking the kiddies to potty in the middle of the night in the woods when you’ve just been told there are bears sleeping in your camping vicinity is a little overwhelming to say the least. Maybe next time Kate, maybe next time.

What I do enjoy about the show is the beauty of Alaska. I never knew that it was such a cool place. The way that the cinematographer has captured the ruggedness of Alaska in this show is quite inspiring. I love the fact that in the summer that it barely gets dark. I can’t imagine if at 11pm it was still light outside. I wonder if that was the case in California would businesses stay open longer. Would it mean more work or more play? Would the beaches stay full? I wonder if it the Alaska summer nights are warmer since the sun doesn’t set. It almost sounds poetic…

A place where the sun doesn’t set

And the bears run free

Where the work is the honest

And your wage is your catch

A place where a Palin can be a Palin

Somewhere in the wild of Alaska

The true heart of America

Amber Rhodes


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