Just for the Halibut

November 24, 2010 at 8:23 am 4 comments

Week 2 and I still don’t know what this show is about. I really feel like it is just one big campaign ad for Sarah Palin and if it is then that’s fine. I promise you that’s really ok with me but let’s just put it out there so everyone knows up front what exactly it is. I don’t want to be tricked into the whole thing. Every week Sarah finds a way to let the rest of us “Americans” know that we aren’t living unless we experience Alaska for ourselves. Again that’s fine Sarah but it seems your husband Todd has experienced way more of Alaska then even you. This week the Palins took a road trip from Wasilla to Homer to see firsthand just how well the Halibut industry is doing. I’m not sure what they were trying to show us. It felt more like “Look what we do up here, we’re real Americans” versus this is a tough industry. To be honest I don’t really eat Halibut, I prefer Salmon but hey that’s just me.

Sarah and Bristol shared some mother daughter bonding time at sea. I got the feeling that Sarah is a little bit of a big mouth. Several times her daughter asked her to be quiet so that she could bop the Halibut over the head with the billy club. Talk about intense; they were taking a club and whacking a fish that is attached to a hook over the head with a club. I’m no animal rights activist but I have my limits. I was wondering the whole time if maybe just maybe Sarah Palin wanted all Americans to do this. She kept mentioning the importance of hard work and getting out there and sweating. So is she for or against cheap labor? Is she for or against immigrants working for next to nothing? Now mind you these people working the Halibut boats didn’t appear to be immigrants. They made like 75K off that one load. However if this woman truly believes that the best lessons in life can only be learned by way of sweat, blood and tears then my God what can we expect from her in office? You know she’s running for something. I dare not speak it but you know she is.

All the while Sarah is spilling Bristol’s personal business. She’s what kids would call a tattle teller. From her encouragement/corny joke about Bristol’s love life “Bristol there are plenty of fish in the sea”. Bristol doesn’t look surprised and sort of tosses her head back and says “Mom!” However you kind of get the feeling that Sarah is a meddler and Bristol has had enough of it. You know the type. No one could be talking to her but she’s going to put her two cents in anyway. To be honest I’d like to hear more from Todd and Willow. We see them but the show is really all about Sarah Palin and her Alaska. What she thinks and how she feels and what Alaska means to her. Fair enough it’s called Sarah Palin’s Alaska but does she have to talk so much?

Sarah literally taking a back seat to Todd. I don't think she likes it.

Todd on the other hand is a 4 time Iron Dog Champion? No kidding. I thought it was hilarious that people were bumping Sarah out of the way to take pictures with Todd. Like excuse me Is that Todd Palin the 4 time Iron Dog Champion!!! No way! Oh excuse me, Sarah is it? Can you please take this picture? Poor Sarah just can’t seem to catch a break, Todd just keeps beating her. In this episode he shoots more clay birds, beats her in their race around the Otter Cove in the Kayaks and in the family Halibut cook-off. Sarah looks like you should stick to what you know best and that would be… (Scratches head).

After watching the whole process from sea to table I’m not sure I’m in the mood for Halibut. I thought I’d be rearing to go for a nice fillet but I’m actually looking forward to the turkey. After watching the poor Halibut get clubbed to death, stabbed in the gills, gutted, stuffed with ice, weighed, filleted and packed. I don’t think I want any seafood for awhile. I will admit I kept wondering if one of those fish were going to knock someone off the boat. (I wonder who?)

Written by Amber Rhodes


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  • 1. Brian V.  |  November 24, 2010 at 9:01 am

    Cool article Ms. Rhodes. I’m glad YOU have to watch this show ’cause personally (like you mentioned in the first paragraph), I feel like watchin’ that show only further solidifies to her advisers that she should make a run for the White House. But yah, funny stuff in there.

    Oh, and I heard about the clubbing fish thing on the news a day later. That’s how real Gs get down. I went to a catfish farm once down in Bama, and it was the same thing. I was kinda traumatized at first, but…went away when I ate some of the best catfish ever!!! So…she’s a G for that one. But I’m sure won’t be winning any PETA awards.

    Keep up the good work lil’ lady.

    Brian V.

  • 2. ThatGuy  |  November 24, 2010 at 9:07 am

    I agree Amber, they made Todd look like more of a celebrity than she is. I guess we should let “The First Dude” run for President now. Not sure if that’s what production was goin’ for, because we all know that Sarah Palin is a political diva.

    And the whole bonding at sea thing…oh PLEASE!!! Tv front!!! They better be glad that they don’t keep the cameras rolling after the show ’cause I feel like they don’t get along particularly well.

    And last thing…what DOES Sarah Palin know how to do best??? Piss off regular people and excite America’s hillbillies??? I’d give her that one. Another great article Amber.

  • 3. GK  |  November 24, 2010 at 11:17 am

    Awesome stuff, Rhodes. But you know what? Perhaps Ms. Palin was doing some research for the newest version of wack-a-mole that’s in development? Yeah? Maybe? No? Okay, guess not…

    Awesome stuff tho, again.

  • 4. Skywalkers Fury  |  November 24, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Ah man I wish I had watched it so I could join in the rip session. lol But that was good – it’s one of those types of deals where the phrase “it is what it is” reigns. As one of my good friends is fond of saying “You embarrassed yo self!” Great job.

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