Episode 140 : the Most One Hundred and Fourtiest Episode Ever!

November 11, 2010 at 9:56 pm Leave a comment

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I'd like to withdraw a Burrito and depost 3 tacos...
Yay! We’re talking! Talking to you about reality shows! Reality shows are awesome, and we’re awesomer for talking about them, and you’re awesomest for listening to us talk about them! Go you! We start off going over the Amazing Race and all its amazingness, then we talk about I Love Money and all its herpesness. We’re super clever! And funny! And good looking, but not as good looking as you dear listener, you’re the best. Thanks again for listening and being interested in us and reality television!

Amazing Race 17 : Episode 7
I Love Money 4 : Episode 9

Check out the PodCastAwards as well as Rob Heubel & Paul Scheer Love Democracy.


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AWARDS SEASON!!! Sarah Palin Discovers Alaska?

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