Can We Put PeaGate 2010 to Rest?

August 16, 2010 at 8:13 am Leave a comment

After talking about Top Chef on the last podcast, once again the “Did He or Didn’t He Steal the Pea Puree” discussion came up. This is because the editing keeps focusing on it. I, Bryan, stated for the fact that I don’t think that he did and I explained why (listen here). Now, I’m Not Here to Make Friends favorite Stephen comes to his defense.

I know he didn’t steal Ed’s pea puree. Ed either didn’t bring it, or it got lost. I even told Ed I blame myself for it because me, Ed and Angelo shared a cooler that day, and I was the first one in the cooler and pulled some of my ingredients out and maybe I didn’t put his pea puree back in. I thought I did. I honestly know Alex, and I know he didn’t steal it. And I’m probably the only one who’s going to say that, so make sure you write that in big, bold letters.

There’s a lot more to this interview, and it can be read here.

Also, in Top Chef craziness news, too many people were bitching about the elimination of Kenny that Tom Colicchio took time off from his vacation to explain it! It is basically what we said on our podcast, Kenny wasn’t as good as he thought he was and he was on the losing team. Seriously, there we go, that’s the reason, Tom Colicchio says so! Seriously, I’m a know nothing, TV watching, comic book reading, soda/candy junkie and he’s a James Beard award winner and yet we both agree that it was Kenny that had to go!

The editing is really almost ruining this season of Top Chef for me. It is down right boring. It also keep bringing up things like PeaGate 2010 and the Angelo vs Kenny battle. Really, I don’t care. Maybe now that Kenny is gone we can get back to the version of the show I like, but they’ve been screwing the pooch so far so why would that end now? This was the most boring restaurant wars ever. Ever! This is something that not only the audience waits for but it seems like the chefs do as well! And yet it was nothing more than an boring episode of this thoroughly boring season.

Alex is not a good villain, stop editing him as such. No, Alex is not everyone’s favorite, he even comes off as a bit of prick, but he’s no villain, and the editing to making him look as such is painful. When I go back and watch reruns of Season 2 it really sticks out for me how the editing made Marcel the season villain, when he was more of the season outcast. Other season’s have had “the guy you don’t like/don’t want to win” but Alex’s cut is seeming forced, much like Marcel’s did in hindsight.

I almost didn’t want to mention Marcel, as after the second season, and based solely on the seeing him on Top Chef specials and interviews, he’s really taken on the cocky asshole role that the show gave him. He’s a good chef from everything I’ve read and heard, but he’s playing this jerkface role and it resulted in a scar from a bottle being broken over his head. I’d hate for the same to happen to Alex too. It’s a terrible thing to happen to anyone, true asshole or TV asshole. But please, please editors & producers of Top Chef, end PeaGate 2010, it makes the show look trashy to me! Let’s get back to what was good about this show! Wonderful food that I’ll never get to eat* and not setting up a show that makes us question the judges. Keep it classy Bravo!

* Except for the times I have eaten at Fabio & Ilan’s places.


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