Last Comic Standing Week 8!

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This episode’s gimmick was that every comic walked out and introduced themselves and made some sort of funny statement about their hometown. These are those funny statements:

Myq Kaplan – “I’m from Boston, kinda.”
Felipe Esparza – “I’m from the East Los Angeles part of Los Angeles.”
Tommy Johnagin – “I’m from Denton, Illinois, the birthplace of funk.”
Roy Wood Jr. – “I’m from Birmingham, Alabama. Our biggest export is Ruben Studdard.”
Rachel Feinstein – “I’m from the urban jungle of Bethesda, Maryland.”
Mike DeStefano – “I’m from the Bronx. I still live in the Bronx. Help me get out of the Bronx.”
Jonathan Thymius – “I may look like the mayor of Ohio, but I’m also from the Bronx.”

The system this week is that Craig announces, one at a time, the comics that received enough votes after last week’s show to perform again. One of these comics will not have their name called tonight, and, very soon, one of these people will be crowned Last Comic Standing. So let’s get to it.

First name called: Jonathan Thymius

I am kind of amazed Jonathan is still around. He’s definitely one of my favorites, but every set feels like it’s sailing over the heads of the crowd. I’ve said before that he seems to be trying to win a standup contest while doing as little traditional standup as possible. This makes him the most compelling, most daring voice on the show. And when is that ever rewarded on network television?
Each segment begins with a short film about the comic’s day-to-day life. Jonathan uses his short to show his Comedy-O-Gram business. It’s gonna catch on any day now.
I don’t care if the crowd didn’t react, I love the line “On a scale of 1 to 10, I weigh 10 pounds.” The armband bit was funny, but more of a conceptual funny than a practical funny. Like, I laughed in my head but not in the real world. I’m not sure what that means.
His “Birds…” moment was excellent. His joke about being in the Mid Life Crisis Scouts was funny, as was wanting to be a cowboy but not wanting to be milked. Overall, though, I felt the set was a little weak for him.
Andy Kindler loved his lack of energy. Natasha Leggero called him absurd, silly, and kind of funny. I’m pretty sure Natasha was drunk this night. Greg Giraldo wondered aloud whether Jonathan might be running out of steam. Things do not look good for Jonathan, but who knows how the winds of fortune will blow. It seems Jonathan has a following, and they’re going to show up for him week-after-week. At least, they did last week.

Second name called: Roy Woods, Jr.

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I don’t really get the buzz around Roy. He seems like a nice guy, one who could make a living as a regional comic, but there’s just nothing dynamic about him as far as I can see. He’s a relaxed guy with an easy vibe, so maybe it’s just that he isn’t threatening at all. I don’t know.
His short was about how much he loves his Mom and how much she loves him. He tries to get her to wear a sling to drum up sympathy for him, but she refuses. He puts the sling on himself. She looks at him and says a line I suspect almost everyone on this show – and many, many of my friend – have heard, “You’re not normal, but that’s okay.”
His first bit is about a guy at a fast food restaurant who gets mad at the person serving him his food and tries to draw Roy into his drama. Roy refuses to join his Nugget Coalition. Next he says that if you’re going to have a lot of kids, have them all at once so you can get America to pay for them. Or feel free to get rid of a kid or two – maybe start a reality show called Last Baby Standing. Any bit about ridding yourself of children is one I’m gonna dig. Overall, a decent set on par with every set he’s done thus far.
Natasha told him he can be funny about any topic. Which is useful criticism, if you’re drunk. Greg called him a grumpy old man in a young man’s body. Which is about persona, so that works. Andy told him that, as much as the other two love him, he loves Roy more! They’re not all gonna be winners, folks.

Next name called: Myq Kaplan

Myq is the comic I most want to see perform live. I want him to win, because he never fails to make me laugh – and often about subjects I don’t find all that funny or interesting. If Thymius is trying to win by being this unique character, Myq is trying to win by writing the strongest jokes.
His short film was a song. I’m sure it’s on hulu.
Myq opens by pitching the idea that we need to start consolidating reality shows, like Kids Say The Darnedest Things When Animals Attack. I would watch that show. The crowd approves and applauds, and he tells them that he appreciates the sound they make. I am stealing that line. He says he wants to have his remains scattered around a park, but he doesn’t want to be cremated. How I’ve never heard that joke before eludes me, it’s so great. Finally, a bit about seeing Final Destination in the theater, having a vision of how much it’s going to suck, and getting your friends out before it starts. Myq is a clever, clever man.
Greg remarks on how many applause breaks Myq gets in his sets. Andy says that Myq reminds him of his younger self. Natasha says that if the show were called Last Comedy Writer Standing, he’d win. I long for the day when Natasha can no longer speak, and I want it to be today.

Next name called: Tommy Johnagin

Tommy strikes me as someone who will be fine even if he doesn’t win. He’s confident, which you don’t see in that many comics. He’s smart, but not alienatingly so. He’s a goodlooking guy, he’s going to be fine.
His short film is about being from Middle America, and how he relates to everyone because he’s The Middle.
His set is mostly about pregnancy, and how awful it is. Not in the way that it wears on the woman, but in that it produces a baby – which is never a good thing. He spends a lot of time on how unfit he is to even hold a kid. Some of it is funny. He then shares a story he heard about a guy in a car accident whose penis popped. He, like pretty much every guy who hears this, is immediately concerned, as no one knew it could pop. It’s not exactly a pressurized container, you know.
Andy remarked that Tommy is cocky and has good posture. Natasha told him he’s really funny. I’m almost certain she slurred her words and almost fell out of her seat. Greg told him he always delivers a solid set.

Next name called: Mike DeStefano

We’ve been over this, I don’t get the appeal.
Mike’s short was about how he’s a hardass who appreciates a good mani-pedi.
He talks about being on drugs for 15 years, off them for 12. People ask him to tell their kids why they shouldn’t do drugs, which he doesn’t feel comfortable doing. He describes heroin as being naked in a pool of puppies. He went to rehab, now he’s on TV. He guesses there’s a moral there, but has no idea what it is. Then he turns his attention on young, skinny girls, saying that he has memories that weigh more than them. That line, I really like. He says he saw a suggestion box in a Chinese restaurant and dropped a note saying ‘Free Tibet’. He heard a guy say he’d be dead without his Blackberry, so Mike pushed him in front of a subway train. It’s not a DeStefano set if no one dies, people.
Natasha hopes his fan club of people in prison are able to get to the phones for him. Greg calls him a likable violent person. Andy congratulates Mike on his best set, and I kinda agree.

Next name called: Felipe Esparza

Felipe’s another comic I definitely expect to see have a decent career on the road. Strong presence, strong voice, just a strong performer overall. Could definitely win.
His short film is about ling with his Mom, and his East LA Workout.
First, Felipe explains that he doesn’t like the stereotype that all Mexicans are hardworkers, saying that “This brown isn’t going to do anything for you.” He hypothesizes that if he’s ever deported (erroneously!), it’ll be similar to getting kicked out of a club. “But Officer, my friends are still in there. She still has my credit card!” He wraps up with a bit about being a weekend Dad and not wanting to get out of bed. Not his strongest bit, but it suits him well.
Greg notices he got a haircut. Andy points out that the audience loves Felipe, which makes him suspicious. Natasha tells him that half the time she doesn’t know what he’s saying.

This means that Rachel Feinstein is no longer on the show. I really don’t like being wrong, especially when it means that a talented person loses to lesser talents. Rachel was definitely a favorite of mine in the competition, and I’m sad to see her go – and not just because she’s really pretty. You can find her schedule and stuff at and you can follow her at – so do that.

By Adam Stovall


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