Last Comic Standing Episode 2

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I’m new here, so maybe you can answer a question for me – how far into the competition must a comic make it in order to use ‘Last Comic Standing’ to promote themselves? I would assume one would need to at least make the Semi-Finals, but I can see the more aggressive ones using their appearance on the Showcase as a legitimate claim. What worries me is that I can see some crazy bastard using the show even though they didn’t even make the Showcase, they just made enough of an impression to get on-air. It bothers me that I know the name Andy Ofeish, when all he did was show up naked and not tell a single joke worth airing. Come on, Andy, even the guys in Blink-182 knew you had to have more than just your own nakedness going for you. It is not enough to just outcrazy the other people, there must be something behind that craziness. All three judges have said they look for someone with a unique and dynamic worldview, someone trying to make some sense of it all. If dressing up as an alien warlord is your way of combating the crap that is thrown at you by life, the universe, and everything, go for it! Just don’t forget to write a damn punchline.

Two episodes into this season, we’re still in that process of trying find our favorites while not getting too invested just yet. I’d say we’re still getting to know the comics, but they’re comics so there’s really no guarantee we’ll ever get to know them. The comedian’s stock-and-trade is being able to deflect, to maintain a distance between them and everything around them so they can make it into a joke. Although we do get some great insight into them through that about which they choose to joke. The single parents all joke about their children being incredible hindrances, something no parent would ever say with a straight face for fear of what people might think. One of this week’s comedians coined a phrase that I expect to take up residency in the minds of every aspiring comic and emotionally self-aware person out there: LOLCI – Laughing Out Loud, Crying Inside.

Episode 2 had us checking out the best amateur comics New York had to offer. While New York definitely didn’t short us on the crazy (Naked Guy, Ventriliquists, etc), it also came through with the goods. I realize we’re only two episodes in, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see this season’s winner come out of the New York talent pool. I definitely laughed more in this episode than in the two-hour premiere. With some of these people, it’s hard to tell where the material ends and the persona begins, which is not the easiest balance to strike. It seemed like they showed a lot more of the ‘Meet The Talent’ sketches, which generally just aren’t very funny. Tommy Johnagin went the “I Don’t Know Why I Tell These Jokes (Somebody Love Me)” route, which was pretty annoying, but then showed up with really strong material and a great ease onstage. Mike DeStefano used his sketch to remind us of how much we loved The Sopranos, then hit the Showcase with a bit about killing a kid who mispronounced “excuse me”. It was something to behold, the sight of a room solidly behind the tale of a 40ish Italian guy gunning down a kid over generational differences. I mean, Michael Richards had been doing standup for years when he dropped the n-word and lost his career. Is the n-word worse than bloodshed? Is that where we are now?

Elsewhere, Flavia Masson made it to the Showcase by being a cute girl who could kinda tell a joke, but no further. Jared Logan made it to the showcase as well, and had a ‘Meet The Talent’ sketch that was actually funny, but also made it no further. In the show’s defense, however, there was no great injustice this week. The ones that went on were funny – maybe not so much moreso than the ones who didn’t, it just came down to what the judges were feeling in the moment.
So yeah, I can’t really get mad at anything this week, no matter how much I might want to. And trust me, I want to. It’s so much easier to write these things when you’re pissed about something. Even the 8:00 rerun gave me a reason to be happy, as it showed that Mauronzio Vance made it to the Semi-Finals! Not only can I not piss and moan about this week’s contestants, they managed to reverse my pissing and moaning from last week. Well played, NBC! Oh wait, that’s right, I’m watching NBC. Still the home of Jay Leno. And when they cut together the rerun down from two hours into one, they focused on Paula Bel and not Kirk Fox. And I loathe Paula Bel! Hulk Smask!!!!
Ah, it’s good to be back…

-By Adam Stovall


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