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Reality Rally Changes Lives

As hosts of a podcast about reality television that makes no revenue (yet….looking at you sponsors…) you can imagine that we are not at the front lines when it comes to charity work. When we found out about Reality Rally, we wanted to attend because of the large amounts of reality stars and thought “we can get some good exposure here”. At the end of the day we got not only good exposure but new good friends and a new respect for what charity can be. When most people think of charity they think of running a marathon (something these out of shape podcasters could never do) or of the junk mail you get every day asking for your cash that inevitably ends up in the recycle bin. Reality Rally changed our lives because it showed us that charity can have a light-hearted and fun side. Everyone at Reality Rally was so helpful and in such great spirits that it was infectious! What we were met with at Reality Rally was a wonderful group of stars and volunteers all working towards the same goal and having fun doing so and everyone had to entire weekend to enjoy the experience. This isn’t your typical charity event. Everyone’s passion for Michelle’s Place shined as you could see how every detail for an entire weekend was planned out and the amount of respect everyone had for the cause and eachother. Since our trip to Reality Rally, Allison has attended multiple “Say No To Drugs” races and even participated in one of their 5k runs (though she doesn’t want to reveal her time out of embarrassment). All proceeds of Reality Rally go to Michelle’s Place, a breast cancer research foundation. While we never personally have had much experience with breast cancer in our lives (thank goodness we are lucky) the more we learned then more aware we became and since Allison is female (duh) this awareness could be life saving one day. Breast cancer can hit anyone at any age and research and awareness is critical. Reality Rally sparked in us the spirit of fun charity and showed us that every single one of us is a Survivor in our own right and every volunteer and every small action matters.

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Reality Rally 2012 – Yes Please!

If you haven’t checked out the reality rally website, please do so! It is an awesome event for a great cause. This is all in support of Michelle’s Place which supports breast cancer research. Check out Kalia’s PSA for the event!

If you want to take part in the race, check out the events, or just donate go to

I’m Not Here To Make Friends had an amazing time last year as you know and are honored to be attending the 2012 event on April 13, 14th, and 15. It is an entire weekend of amazing race style fun, charity, and rubbing elbows with your favorite reality stars. This is the most fan centric event we have found and it really is a super unique experience. Don’t believe me? I’ll let Gillian tell you

Seriously, I kid you not, mark your calendars because you will regret it if you miss this wonderful charity weekend.
twitter: @realityrally

2012 will be even more of a blast!

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Episode 153 : Reality Rally Recap!

Download Episode 153

Allison and Bryan let you in on what went on for them at this weekend’s Reality Rally. It was a good time had over a 3 days. Running around with, and trying to keep up with reality tv stars is harder than you’d think, but they’re also all such nice people that it makes the tiredness all worth it! All proceeds went to Michelle’s Place to help fun breast cancer research.

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Reality Rally Breakfast

On the final day of the Reality Rally there was a morning breakfast send off. We got the chance to talk to Gillian Larson from Survivor: Gabon and the creator of the weekends Reality Rally festivities. After soaking in the fun we look back at some of the reality stars that were kind enough to pose for a picture with us! All proceeds went to Michelle’s Place to help fund breast cancer research.

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Reality Rally Pit Party

Its the big after party for the Reality Rally event! We talk to Hayden from Big Brother, Kevin AKA “Bonez” from I Love Money & I Love New York and Craig from the Mole. As you can tell, it was an awesome day and party. All proceeds went to Michelle’s Place to help fund breast cancer research.

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Reality Rally Autographs & Race

We get a chance to talk to Bea from Solitary 4.0 while she and several other racers sign autographs for fans. After that, see some of the fun that the teams got up to on the race running all around Temecula CA. You’ll see Ragan from Big Brother worn out but chipper mid-race and we then hear from Mark, Bill & Mark from the Amazing Race about their experiences. All proceeds went to Michelle’s Place to help fund breast cancer research.

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Reality Rally Celebrity Cocktail Mixer

We got the chance to talk to some reality celebrities at the Reality Rally Celebrity Cocktail Mixer. We talked about what they thought about the event as well as what they were doing for the race the next day. All proceeds went to Michelle’s Place to help fund breast cancer research.

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Reality Rally Store

Reality Rally Temecula Valley Logo
Are you going to be at Reality Rally in Temecula April 15th-17th? Want to look like all the cool kids wearing their Reality Rally gear? Can you not make the event but still want to own a peice of the event for a good cause? Then check out the Reality Rally store! Now Open!

I personally like the zip up hoodie the best. Looks pretty sweet.

Links Links!!!

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Drinking For A Good Cause With Rality Rally

Since we weren’t able to attend the wine release party, we wanted to give everyone information on how to get the Reality Rally Wines from Wilson Creek.  They definately sound wonderful and a portion of the proceeds go to Michelle’s Place.

“Wilson Creek Winery has gone above and beyond in their sponsorship and support of Reality Rally Temecula Valley with the private label wine release of Reality Red and Reality Riesling. Wilson Creek Winery will be donating a portion of all of the Reality Rally private label wine sales to Michelle’s Place as part of their sponsorship of Reality Rally Temecula Valley. ”  – From The Reality Rally Team.


Click here to purchase Reality Red

Click here to purchase Reality Riesling

Please don’t forget to purchase your tickets to reality rally be visiting!!

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Questions for Reality Rally

Have you ever wanted your questions answered by a reality star? Here is your chance!

I’m Not Here To Make Friends will be at Reality Rally in April and have access to over 100 reality stars! The list is really mind blowing. So we are looking for you guys to send us your questions for any of the reality stars signed up to be there. We would especially love anyone who has tons of survivor questions since we really are lacking in the survivor area.

Send in your questions to or tweet them to @notmakefriends on twitter!  Go to  for the full list of reality stars with more joining all the time!

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Reality Rally Revealed

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Reality Rally Blazin’ Challange

Buffalo Wild Wings Promo Card

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Reality Rally!!

You know Gillian Larson from Survivor Gabon but now she is here to promote Reality Rally April 15-17th 2011 in Temecula, CA. I’m Not Here To Make Friends will be there….will you?

Visit or click the picture on the right hand side of our website to donate, register, or purchase tickets.   You can also find more videos with reality stars who will be at the Reality Rally on their Vimeo page.

This is going to be a great fundraiser to help support Michelle’s Place. Get your tickets now!

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